Saturday, 28 March 2015

Girly Shopping Day In Bath

Very recently myself and one of my closest friends ventured into Bath City Centre for a girly shopping day. I was very excited, as it had been a while since I went into town with anyone and also a little while since I had been shopping. The main reason we went in was for my friend, but I managed to pick a few bits and pieces here and there. Frist stop was Frankie & Bennies, I love this restaurant the Italian food with the feel of New York is a brilliant concept. I opted for the Louisiana Wrap; it is a mixture of chicken, salad and the wonderful Louisiana hot sauce. Just delicious! 

Thursday, 26 March 2015

A Once in a Lifetime Experience

Last Friday posed the day for the Eclipse, the moment when the moon would be perfectly aliened in front of the Sun and I was one of the many people excited to see it. I made sure to set my alarm 10 minutes before the event was supposed to happen to ensure I would be in the perfect place to see it. At 9:20am my alarm went off and I opened my blinds, being on the top floor in my Uni housing I was very lucky to be able to sit at my desk and watch as the events unfolded. 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Lip Liner Saviour!

My favourite lip routine has changed since I have found the L’Oreal Lip liner Couture in the colour Bois de Rose, the colour is very beautiful; reminding me of the Kylie Jenner look, it has rose undertones and is perfect for everyday use. I use the liner to fill in all of my lips, this way the colour last for hours without smudging and when lipstick fades the liner is still there. 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Let's Contour and Highlight - Seventeen

The craze of contour and highlighting palettes has slowly started to hit the drugstore shops hard in the US, but the speed at which they are coming to the UK is ridiculously show. However, one brand that were quick on the march of getting their contour palette out there was ‘Seventeen’; they are the sister brand of No7 and slightly cheaper. The palette is called the ‘Define and Conquer Contour kit’. 

Monday, 23 March 2015

A Black and White Themed Primark Haul

Everyone loves a good Primark haul and for me they are my favourite blog posts to read and also my favourite youtube videos to watch. I recently became inspired by some of the items from Zoella’s Primark haul and therefore wanted to find some of my own pieces. I don’t shop in Primark as much as I used to due to my Uni budget (and also because I prefer make up over clothes) but I thought I would allow myself a few little treats. 

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Make Up Brush Collection: Eyes

As with my face make up brushes I have quite a few brushes for the eyes. Unlike the face brushes I have a variety of eye brushes from a variety of different brands. I have a mixture of Real Techniques, Jane Iredale and also a few from MAC and one from Urban Decay. 

The four brushes I use to pack colour onto the eyelids. The first came in the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, and is duo ended. I only use the shorter of the two sides and this is when I want to make a colour really pop in the centre of my eyelid. The next two brushes are from Real Techniques, in the Niks Picks collection. Unfortunately, the name has rubbed off on the first, but is brilliant for adding colour all over the eyelid and is super soft. The next is the Angled Shadow Brush and I like to use this in the inner corner and also to highlight the brow bone. The final is from MAC and it is the 287SE, it is a duo fibre brush so leaves the eye looking very natural. 

Next I have three blending brushes. The first is from Jane Iredale and I use this when I want to create a transition colour in the crease of the eyelid. The next is the MAC 286SE, it’s a very soft blending brush and I like to use it with extremely dark colours in the outer part of the eye. The third brush is also from MAC and is the 217 and is my favourite eye brush. It blends seamlessly into the crease and I use it everyday. 

 The final two brushes for eyeshadow are ones I use to apply a dark shade into the outer part of my eye. They both come in the form of a dome brush and are brilliant at creating a sharp look. They are from the Real Techniques Bold Metals range and also Jane Iredale. 

The last two brushes in my collection are Angled Liner/ Brow brushes. The first is from Jane Iredale and I use it to apply my Brow Zings by Benefit. I love the way this brush makes my eyebrows look very natural and does not cake them in product. The final brush is from Real Techniques and I use this with my MAC Fluidline to create a precise line along the lashes. 

What is your favourite eye brush?


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Make Up Brush Collection: Face

I love make up brushes. There is no need for me to deny it and because of this I thought a brush collection would be the perfect blog post. I am going to split this post into two and separate the face brushes from the eye brushes.