MUA BB Cream Review...

I am so sorry to you all who have been waiting for this review I know that it is very, very late!

Anyway MUA BB Cream...

I was really excited at the possibility to get this product as I had never used a BB Cream before as I had heard many good things about Asian BB Creams as they are supposed to be very good for the skin and act like a full coverage foundation.

However, when I put MUA BB Cream on it was not as thick as I thought that it was going to be and did not give my skin as much full coverage as I would have liked it to have. It also made my skin very shiny and oily, something which I thought a BB Cream would take away from the skin and not make it worst. But I must say that on the second coat that I did it was more of a coverage but still made my skin very shiny.

(As you can see my face looks very shiny here, 
also please excuse the fact I look a mess)

What I did not do however was put my normal powder on top of the BB Cream so I do not know how it looks with pressed powder on top. I will be trying this again just to see if this will make a difference and not make it more shiny, or (god forbid) orange.

Another one of my problems is that the opening of the tube is a rather big hole so a lot of the product escapes and goes into the lid of the tube. A good thing though is that when you first open the product it has a protective silver cap over the opening so that no product escapes and no bacteria can enter it. I also really like the packaging a long with most MUA products as I feel that it has a professional look about it.

I will, however, be trying this product again so that I can see what it is like with the powder on top of it. I will also be doing a review for when that happens so I can tell you all what I think about it and also whether or not it works well.


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