So I Went To Bath Today (Well the day before Yesterday actually)...

I've been trying to find the excuse to write this all day and there just hasn't been the time to! Which is an absolute bummer because I really wanted to get it posted Yesterday, but college work got in the way of my blogging time :( 

Anyway Bath....

The reason I took a day out of my hetic schedule of college to go to Bath was because Bath Spa University were having an open day which I wanted and did attend. I had many apprehensions about going to visit this University because after seeing Plymouth Uni and Portsmouth Uni I didn't think I would find anywhere else where I would like it so much. And actually... I loved it more than the others. 

It was so beautiful driving up the long driveway, it almost made you believe that you were in the countryside and not in the middle of a busy city. It was a sunny beautiful day which made it all the more perfect. 

The courses which I were interested were able to be combined which was like killing two birds with one stone and to top it off I would be able to involve my passion for photography in one of them. One lecturer spoke of how students got job opportunities after their stay at the University and how some of her students have managed to get jobs at leading firms. This has made me very excited for the possibility of applying there and I truly hope I will be able to.

Now, onto Bath City Centre. My Parents had all but promised me that we would go shopping in the Centre and am I happy we did!! I said that I would share all of my wonderful goodies with you all and here they are....

From the Cath Kidston Store....

My beautiful 'Plimsolls' in a red 'mini dot'. I saw these in the shop window and instantly fell in love with them! They are so beautiful and comfy that I couldn't resist them. (Even though daddy paid for them ;)) They are such a cute design that I feel like they are going to be very popular and know that they are as I had to ask for my size! For £24.00 I feel they are a bargain and along with my 10% student discount which I got with them it was an absolute steal!

Now this isn't my purchase but my mum's but I felt like I just had to show you this beautiful red polka dot 'mini zip bag'. It's so adorably cute and petite and fits perfectly in the crease of your elbow and is also perfect for carrying in your hand that at the price of £24.00 as well it is another true bargain. And along with my student discount again and even better one than before! It's classic design makes it look like a miniature luggage bag, perfect for visits to town, beacesh or even as a hand bag when travelling.

And my final purchase from the Cath Kidston store. Now you may find this a very weird thing to buy seen as although I am the youngest in the family I am at college. A 'sippy cup'. Now if you were in my family you would understand the family joke which goes behind this. But seen as you are not I will try my best to explain it. I am the baby of the family and from this many traits when I was younger gets picked on or teased now (in a nice way). I used to love a 'sippy cup' when I was a little girl and used to carry one around with me all the time. This is just a lovely reminder of my childhood and also it is in a beautiful design. I will not be using this (no matter how much I want to) as its just too lovely to spoil! (Also for all of you who think I am a freak for calling it a 'Sippy Cup' that is the name on the bottom of the cup and also what I have called them for my entire life... So there :P) 

From The Disney Store.... 

My first purchase in the amazing and magical Disney Store was something which I have been wanting ever since it came out and have never been able to justify buying it as recently I have been spending way too much on Disney DVD's and that is 101 Dalmatians. I absolutely love this film and when I saw that it was only £9.99 in the Disney Store I couldn't help myself and had to buy it. Its a timeless classic and has to be in everone's DVD collection and especially mine seen as though I am trying to collect every Disney Classic! 

My next and last one is these cute little pencils with Mickey Mouse's face plastered all over them with different facial expressions all over. These little pencils I could not resist as the were in the 'Sale' bucket and from £6.00 were now £1.79! A steal! And what more is there to say? Everyone needs pencils! Especially a college student!

The Afternoon Tea... 

After our shopping we were very hungry and well within our rights to find a nice Cafe to have Afternoon Tea as we British call it ;) Afternoon tea normally consists of Classic Tea (Obviously) and Scones but as we are not a normal family we don't play by the rules ;) My mum is allergic to caffeine so we do not have your classic tea, we leave that to my sister, we drink green tea which is equally as delicious and a lot better for you. My dad being the lovely chap he is also stopped drinking normal tea for my mum and his life now consists of green tea and well I just hate normal tea...(I know very British of me ;)) And for our Cakes my mum had a gluten free lemon drizzle cake as she is allergic to wheat and me and my dad had a Scone with butter and Jam and oh my G it was absolutely Massive!! (As shown In picture below) And it was also so beautifully decorated that it made you not want to cut it up! However, I could not resist and it was absolutely beautiful. So light and moist I never wanted it to end. It was also so big that I had to cut it into thirds!


 I also forgot to mention that in the shop window was this amazing miniature staircase with decorated cupcakes on every step! It looked absolutely perfect.

And my final goodies... Jack Wills Outlet Store... 

I brought many goodies when I went to the Jack Wills outlet store as I just could not help myself as everything was so cheap! I did not buy any clothes because they still seemed to be quite expensive  and I only had £10.00 with me. But what I did buy was a lot of stationary, as you always need stationary for college! So, what I brought was two small note books, one ring binder one with lined paper and the other with plain paper. These were £6.50 each down to £3.00 each! And then the next thing I brought was two highlighter pens which were £2.00 down to 50p each!

And then two lovely Jack Wills pens for 50p (can't remember what they were) and then finally and my best buy is a lipstick I brought in the colour Rose Wood and is a love browny-nude colour which stay on for a very long time and also smells absolutely delicious! It is by fair one of my most favourite lipsticks I have ever bought.

 ShannonKims :)

(P.S. I am very sorry about the quality of the photos I used my phone camera for quickness, I will take better photo's of everything and upload them all next week sometime :))


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