It's Been A Real Long Time

So it was last November since I last posted on here and college exams and work completely got in the way. Although, it didn't get in the way of me buying a bunch of crap I probably don't even need... but I brought it anyway!! I know I said I would do better and I didn't and I'm really sorry about that! But this time I will I know I will... maybe.

I have decided that since it is half term and I have some free time I am going to get up to date and do some reviews and some hauls for you all to see. I have brought a variety of different things from different places and what with christmas in the middle of this mess I have been given some cool things too! And I want to show you them! So you can buy them too! And we can be all fan girly about them! 

So to come.... Benefit!, Rimmel London, MUA, E.L.F, Bourhois Paris.

I also want to show you some of my room! Cause it is super cool! Hint... My favourite place in the world is Paris... Do with that what you may. 

ALSO... I'm going to Bristol on Wednesday and will most defiantly be buying a lot of crap and I have my eyes on two high end make up pieces that I reallllyyyyy want, and will be getting. Plus! The Primark is absolutly huge so expect an absolutly huge haul... if its not aboslutly huge I will probably cry.

p.s. I like this font... its fancy ;)But can you read it okay? let me know!

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