DIY: Cute Make-Up Drawers

DIY: Cute Make-Up Drawers

After accumulating a little collection of make-up I decided that it would be a good idea to get a few drawers to house my collection. I had originally bought some small drawers from poundland which were an absolute bargain as they were easily made into taller ones by taking the top of one off and placing another on top. They have obviously been designed to make you buy more. 

On my original purchase a couple months ago I got four and for a while this was enough until, the wonders of the make-up counter were fully shown to me and I became addicted… to say the least. Recently, I realised that I needed a few more and purchased them straight away seen as though they are only £1 each, bargain!

After creating my ‘Beauty Box’ I decided that I didn’t really like the colour black which they were and wanted them to match the box and the rest of my furniture. I decided that I would spray paint them white! 

While the idea seems all well and good make sure you read the back of the can, do it outside and be very careful! Spray paint can be dangerous stuff, and absolutely stinks! 

However, after spraying all of the drawers I loved the final outcome and thought it went perfect which my white furniture! Spraying them white also made them not appear so cheap and instead made them look chic and perfect against my ‘DIY: Beauty Box’! It’s such a cheap and easy option but they look expensive and extremely cute!


How to 'DIY: Cute Make-Up Drawers!'

Things You Will Need:
·        Drawers – of your choice
·        Matt Super Spray Paint
·        Newspaper

1.       Take apart the drawers so that it is easy to spray paint.

2.      Do a test piece first, the drawers I got stack together so you do not need all of the top pieces and this therefore can be your test piece. 

3.     Wait for test piece to dry before attempting to do them all. 

4.     Spray one light layer onto the piece.

5.       Once dry spray another layer. 

6.     Once that piece is dry you are ready to spray all of the other pieces now you have the hang of how to do it. 

7.      Once again spray a light layer of paint over each piece.

8.      Once dry add the other layer, personal preference will determine how many coats you need. If you feel it needs another layer go for it! 

9.     Wait a complete night to determine that they are fully dry. 

10.  Stack them back together and add your drawers.

11.    Next, take the little handles off and stick them with blue tack onto a piece of newspaper so when you spray them they do not blow away! (it happened to me ;))

12.   Wait for them to dry and then to the other side. 

13.  Once dry put them back on the drawers!

14.  Now you are ready to add your make up! 

Top Tip! When placing the drawers where you want them to go, add blue tack to the bottom of each stack so they do not move when you pull each drawer out.

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