NYC: Eyeshadow Palette for Blue Eyes ‘Smokin’ Review

NYC: Eyeshadow Palette for Blue Eyes ‘Smokin’ Review 

I recently purchased this NYC palette when I went on holiday to Poole. My local Superdrug does not stock NYC products so when I saw the brand I was instantly at the counter picking out a few things that I wanted. Plus they had an offer on the majority of their line which was £2.99. Something I was very happy with. 

Now I would just like to say that I do not have blue eyes, however, the palette for the brown eyes was a black smokey eye something which I do not think suites me as well as brown shades do, and therefore I opt for a brown smokey eye on a day to day basis. 

I was looking forward to using this palette as I had heard many good things from other blogs and Youtube videos about the NYC range and therefore thought it would be a good buy. Especially as they were on offer. 

For £2.99 you get four shimmer colours, an eye-shadow primer and also a cream highlighter. There is not however, any matte colours in the palette and therefore mixing palettes might be a good idea when it comes to this particular one. 

I was looking forward to using this palette so I waited until I got back home from my holiday so I could apply it properly and have better lighting than I would have gotten in a caravan. 

I started off by applying the primer all over my eyelid making sure to blend it out and to have no product underneath my eyes. Wanting to let this dry slightly before applying my eye-shadow, I decided that I would apply my concealer whilst I was waiting. I then started off by applying the first colour in the palette which is a nice peach/skin colour. On the palette it says that this is a highlighter colour but I wanted to use it as the base colour.

Eyes with just the Primer

 The next colour is a grey which I wanted to apply on the outer half of my eye. I was disappointed with the first two colours as they were not very pigmented and did not apply well to my eyelid. I had hoped that from the things that I had previously read about NYC products that they would be pigmented but MUA, a brand which I generally use for my eye-shadows, are much more pigmented and a cheaper alternative. 

The next two colours however, a dark shimmer brown and a dark shimmer purple, are very pigmented and need a lot of blending to not make it look harsh on the eye. It is a jump from the other two shades which are not very pigmented to these which are extremely pigmented. 

Something which I was pleasantly surprised about was that there was not much fallout from the product underneath my eyes and therefore I did not have to wipe it way or hide it with more concealer. I have not however, used the cream highlighter, but I am excited to see how it will look on my skin. 

Because the first two colours were not very pigmented I used a single eye-shadow from MUA to brighten the inner half of my eye to give it a contrast against the dark brown which I had used on the outer part of my eye and in the crease. The eye-shadows lasted well throughout the day and I believe this is because I used the primer first. The primer is quick thick and makes the eye have an even colour and base to apply the eye-shadow.
The MUA Single Eyeshadow used

 Overall, I believe that half of the palette is good whilst the other half could use some work as it is not very pigmented. The primer is defiantly the best part of the palette and makes the eye-shadow last throughout the day. I would say that considering I only paid £2.99 for the entire thing it was worth its money but I would not, however, think about purchasing it again. 

 Finished Look!

Let me know what you thought of it!

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