Review for Mac Prep + Prime Primer

Review for Mac Prep + Prime Primer

Having purchased this a while ago, and being absolutely in love with my Benefit the POREfessional at the time, I didn’t really use this primer much and it soon went to the back of my drawer. I recently found it again I thought that instead of letting it go to waste I would use it up, even if it didn’t appear to be doing anything.

Now primers as I am aware of are supposed to create a smooth surface for the products that we put onto our faces i.e. foundation, concealers etc. Many are also supposed to reduce the appearance of pores like the POREfessional, now although I cannot say that I think the MAC Prep + Prime does this I do think that it creates an even and smooth surface for my foundation. 

After five hours of having a complete face of make-up I was pleasantly surprised to see that my make-up looked near enough the same as when I applied it. I did not need to touch up any area and I was not looking cakey or oily. And then a further four hours later, making it nine hour’s worth of make-up and my make-up still looked fresh with only a few obvious wears. 

I had not done anything different to my make-up routine apart from using the MAC Prep + Prime and I am happy to say that I believe it made my make up last longer. As I use L’Oreal True Match foundation I only need a small amount as it goes a long way and therefore there is not much on my face to keep it there and using the MAC Prep + Prime made my make up last longer without the need for touch ups which I found great! And it meant I could get on with my day without worrying about my make-up sliding etc. 

I had one day during the week testing the product where I did not use the MAC Prep and Prime and I defiantly saw a difference as my make-up was looking a little worse for wears after five hours and using the Primer helps a lot! Therefore making it a thumbs up for me :D 

 Me after I did my make-up using
the MAC Prep + Prime (p.s. my
hair is not green, stupid photo 
makes it look that way :L)

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