A Little Haul From Poole + Mini Reviews

A Little Haul From Poole

 I did not buy much from this trip to Poole as it was only a few days and we only went into the town for about an hour. I did however want to pick a few things up from Superdrug, as the Superdrug where I live does not stock the brand NYC. 

The first thing that I picked up was the Loose Face Powder in the colour Translucent. I absolutely love this powder as it is by far my favourite out of the many I have tried. It makes my foundation last long throughout the day and also takes away all shine, making my foundation matte. It is also extremely good with any oily patches on my skin. I do not have oily skin but if I get hot throughout the day a little bit of this powder and it goes away making my makeup look flawless once again! It was also a bargain as NYC had an offer where all of their products were £2.50 and under and the powder was £2.49. 

The next thing I picked up was an individual eyes palette, I had previously bought the Individual eyes for Blue eyes because I really liked the colours (read my review here http://shannonkims.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/nyc-eyeshadow-palette-for-blue-eyes.html) and this time I bought the one for brown eyes as they were gorgeous pink colours and created an extremely beautiful look on the eyes which I feel matches my brown eyes very well. From the ‘for blue eyes palette’ I already knew that I liked the primer, but with this palette I was pleasantly surprised to see that all of the colours were very pigmented and went onto my eyelid well. The colours can create a really soft pink eye for an everyday look and can also create a dark smokey pink look, with the dark purple shade, for the evening for a night time look. This palette was also £2.49, and absolute bargain! 

 NYC: Individual Eyes For Brown Eyes
The final NYC product I got was one of their ‘New’ lipsticks in the colour ‘Red Rapture’ it is an amazing ‘vamp’ red shade which I feel compliments my skin tone as I am quite pale. It has a smooth and creamy consistency which I much prefer to matte lipsticks! The lipstick glides on extremely well and is extremely pigmented. It lasts a very long time and I also feel that it does not dry out my lips when I wear it! 

The final thing I bought was a matte Eyeshadow from MUA. The Colour is called ‘matte’ and is a dark brown, perfect for the crease! I really loved the matte brown colour in my MUA palette ‘Undress me too’ but because I loved it so much it has unfortunately gone and this is the perfect replacement at only £1.00. MUA is an extremely affordable brand if you cannot afford the more expensive brands. Their eye shadows in particular, I feel, are extremely good quality, very pigmented and an absolute bargain and £1.00 for single eyeshadow or £4.00 for a palette of 12 colours!

When I was paying for the products I saw that they had Lady Gaga’s The Fame perfume in a little sample pack so I picked one up for myself. These little samples are perfect for putting in your bag and having a quick spray throughout the day. My Nan also got me one as well, go Nan!

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