Day One in Poole

Day One in Poole

The first day in Poole saw us getting up very early to ensure we had a full day to do all of the things we wanted to do. Joining my Nan and Grandad at the caravan we first had a yummy breakfast of Croissants and Choc au Pain! After getting ready we were setting off to our first destination of Sandbanks! 

 Beautiful Morning over Clay Pigeon

It was a very misty morning but we knew that it would clear up so we didn’t let it stop us. Sandbanks is a beautiful and expensive place as I’m sure you know but it is really nice place to have a drive through looking at all of the amazing houses. We stopped at a cute little beach and had a short break whilst waiting for the mist to lift and the sunshine to come out! 

 Sandbanks Beach

Then we decided to move onto our next spot! Poole Park, a beautiful Park with a manmade lake that stretches on for miles. Poole Park is also a great place to sit down, have a bite to eat and a good old cup of tea! There is also quite a lot to do there such as, crazy golf, tennis, sailing, and there are plenty of wildlife to see such as the beautiful swans. 

 Poole Park

After having a bite to eat and a drink we then decided to move on to the next and final spot of the day, Poole Quay. Poole Quay is defiantly iconic as you can walk along the beautiful Harbour and then watch as the amazing ‘Sunseekers’ are being built and tested. Also there are many pubs and restaurants that you can go in and have a lovely meal whilst watching the boasts pass. And then on a Thursday night during the summer they have a spectacle during the night where they have music and dancing and then at night at 10o clock there is beautiful fires works. You might also stumble across the smelly lobster crates!

Poole Quay - Sunseeker and Lobster Pots!

We then decided to go back to the site and go by the pool for the rest of the afternoon whilst there was beautiful sunshine. Here we enjoyed a free cup of tea and also a quick swim in the pool! 
Cup Of Tea! 

After it was time to get ready to go out, I chose a mint dress I got in Spain and also used the Sleek 'Au Natural' palette on my eyes! The first stop was Bingo! I’m not sure about you but whenever we go on holiday away we love to get involved and play bingo! This night we won! Woop! Only £7.50, but never the less we still won! :D
 Sleel 'Au Natural' Palette Look

  After we had a lovely meal we came back and went into the amusements! The final stop of the night! Where my Nan proceeded to win me a ‘Minion’ Toy out of the claw machine on her very first go! Go Nan! She’s a pro at that machine!! 

 A Beautiful Minion!

Overall, it was a great day :D 

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