Day Two In Poole

Day Two In Poole

Day two in Poole was a very relaxing day! We had a nice lie in until around 10am whereby we had a light breakfast. We then went up to the members club and enjoyed a free cup of tea in the morning sunshine. 

After the lovely tea we popped into town to have a little look around and I found myself in Superdrug! ;) I needed to get a few things and I thought I would have a little look around the make-up counters. The Superdrug in Poole stocks the brand NYC, something which I cannot get in the Superdrug where I live. I absolutely love their Loose Face Powder in the colour Translucent so I thought that I would stock up! I also got a few extra little items whilst I was there. (Check out my Little Haul from Poole.

After we went back to the caravan for lunch before heading up to the pool for a quick swim as the weather was, once again, extremely good for England! 

Now a very British thing to do, whilst on holiday by the sea, is to have fish and chips for dinner! (Although, I have sausage and chips because I don’t like fish but that’s not the point!) An excellent place to have this is along the Quay watching the boats sail past as the sun sets. It’s a very picturesque scene! I opted for a loose fitting pink blouse from Primark along with a pair of Disco Pants also from Primark. On my eyes I used the 'NYC Individual Eye's Palette for Brown Eye's to make a pink smokey eye look!

We then left early in the morning where I wore a cosy jumper from Primark, leggings and a natural look as we were only going home! 

Poole is defiantly an excellent place to relax and recuperate as well as enjoy an excellent time by the sea. It also has a beautiful manmade park where you can sit and have a bite to eat and a cup of tea. It’s a very beautiful town and also only a 10 minute drive to Bournemouth which is an excellent place for shopping and has many department stores to go browsing around the make-up counters! 

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