DIY: Drawer Lining

DIY: Drawer Lining

After completing my make-up drawers, as seen in a previous blog post, I realised that they did not look complete and instead needed something else to finish them. I decided that the way to do this would be to line the drawers with a floral print material, which I had used previously in my DIY: Beauty Box. I thought that matching them together would add to the shabby chic feel of my dressing table and keep them looking more expensive than they are. 

Scrap pieces of material are very easy to find, at places such as a resource centre, etc. You can also use old curtains, duvets etc. The material that I used came from curtains which were too long for my windows. This meant that I had a vast supply of scrap floral material to use.

I feel that lining the drawers keeps them from looking dirty, which they might do if the make up happened to get over them. Also the floral print matches extremely well with the white drawers the drawers go into, along with my white furnishing.

What you will need:

·        Scrap material of your choice
·        Scissors
·        Glue

1.       Trace around a drawer as many times as you need onto a piece of scrap material. 

2.      Cut out every shape. 

3.    Fold over and glue the edges down neatly. 

4.     Glue every individual piece of material into the drawers making sure to cover the entire base.  

5.      Wait to dry. 

6.     You are now ready to put the drawers back, and put your make up into them! :D


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