Packing For A Mini Break

Packing For A Mini Break 

I’m not sure about you but I find packing for a small break a lot harder than packing for a long break as I am limited to the amount of clothes I can take. I also find it difficult to decide what type of things I should take as well. 

I’m going to our caravan in Poole for 3 days and am excited as it means that I am able to get away from the stress of real life, if only for a while. Last month was hard for me and I feel that a mini break is just the thing I need. 

I am going to spend time recuperating, writing blog posts and also preparing myself for an upcoming job interview!  I also plan to read a book whilst I am away, generally I read about 5 books a month but I haven’t even been able to read one this summer as it has been so hetic and full on! 

Therefore, my little case consists of two day outfits, two night outfits, make-up (an absolute necessity), a book, my trusty laptop, a good pad and pen, hair straighteners, good ol’ Ray Bans and a small handbag for the day time! Perfect for a mini break!

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