Current Beauty Favourites

Current Beauty Favourites

Hello everyone! Long time no speak! It has been a very long time since I uploaded a blog post and this is due to me starting a new job. I am an Assistant Event Co-Ordinator at a Hotel, the job is very demanding and takes up a lot of time. I am however, back into the swing of things and have blog posts planned for future uploads!

So, lets get started on my Current Beauty Favourites!

Please bare in mind I have had this post written and waiting for me to upload!


Recently I became extremely lucky as I was given the opportunity to become an Assistant Event Co-ordinator at a hotel. A full time job means I work long hours throughout the day. Because of this I wanted to find long lasting make up, which covers my pores and imperfections without looking cakey.


I found this concealer from Number 17 and I am absolutely in love. It’s the ‘Pwhooar’ heavy duty under-eye concealer. It is absolutely perfect for hiding those pesky bags beneath the eyes. One of the things I love about the concealer is that it does not set into the fine lines under my eyes, unlike like many of the other concealers I have tried. Although it says it is an ‘under-eye’ concealer I also like to use it over any imperfections as the colour match to my skin is unbelievable, normally I find it extremely difficult to match concealers and foundations to my skin as my skin is so light.

Another concealer, which is an all-time favourite of mine, is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. This concealer has excellent coverage and covers all of my imperfections amazingly. I also like to use it under the eye to brighten and conceal. 

A Much loved Concealer!

Miracle Complexion Sponge by Real Techniques

This sponge is amazing and so versatile. I like to use the pointed edge to blend in my concealer using pressing motions. It is the perfect design to press the concealer under the eye and around the nose area. 

Another way I like to use this sponge is by wetting it and pressing my foundation into my face. It gives a flawless finish without making the make-up look cakey or using too much product. 

NYC Eye-Shadow Primer

From the Individual eyes palette I am in love with the eyelid primer. It is an amazing product which makes any eyeshadow last all day. It’s a creamy consistency and easily glides onto the eye lid. 

Benefit Eye Shadow from the She So Jetset Palette 

These eyeshadows are extremely pigmented and last all day. They contain shimmer which makes the eyes to pop. Each colour blends together creating a perfect smoky eye look and the brown shades compliment any eye colour. I love these shadows for work as they can create a very natural eye look which can very easily be created into a night time look should you wish to do so. 


I re-found this Revlon Lip Butter in Crème Brulee. It is one of my all-time favourite lipsticks as its creamy consistency prevents the lips from drying. It lasts all throughout the day and is the perfect nude colour. A little hint of brown in the pink nude creates dimension and does not make you look like you have no lips!

Two things which I have been unable to find a current love for are Mascara and foundation which, in my opinion, are the most important parts of my make-up routine. I have tried many different foundations, and although they may have worked well in the summer when I did not need as much coverage, I feel now that it is getting colder and my skin is getting drier that it is difficult to find a foundation which matches my skin. 

If you have any Mascara and Foundations you love! Please let me know! 


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