Top 5 Soap & Glory Products

Top 5 Soap & Glory Products 

Number 5 – Dr Spot – Super Strength Breakout Clearing Gel

I just recently purchased this spot gel and have been testing it over the past week. I have tried a number of spot creams and have never found one as good as this. I apply this gel as soon as I see a spot coming through. It almost instantly brings down the redness and reduces the size and appearance of the spot. It creates an invisible coating over the top making it very easy to apply any make-up. This is definitely my most favourite spot treatment product I have ever purchased. 

Number 4 – Clean on Me Shower Gel

 This shower gel is so nourishing and moisturising, it leaves my skin silky smooth and oh so soft. The scent is lovely and most certainly not over powering. All you need is one pump to laver up, then wash! 

Number 3 -   For Daily Youth Moisture Lotion, 6-in-1 Multi Active Moisture Lotion

After recently running out of my benefit total moisturiser I wanted to look for something different as the cost would have set me back almost £30. Something which I didn’t think I could justify spending as I am saving for University. I therefore, came across this moisturiser by Soap & Glory. 

It is extremely hydrating and makes my face feel so soft and nourished. It also smells like peaches! Which for me is definitely an added bonus as it is one of my favourite scents. 

Number 2 – Sugar Crush Body Scrub

 I was tossing this product and my number 1 product in the air for a while as I could not decide which one was my favourite.

This body scrub has one of the most amazing scents I have ever smelt. It has smashed brown sugar & sweet lime extract giving a lovely sweet smell, though it is not too over powering. It also has fine grains which help to get deep into my pores, removing all of the impurities from my skin. 

It is also a life saver for cellulite!

Number 1 – Finally my number 1 product is The Righteous Butter 

This is my favourite body butter by far in the Soap and Glory line. The scent is absolutely beautiful. The butter is so thick and creamy that it feels amazing on my skin. 

Another plus is that it dries fast so my skin does not feel sticky when I attempt to put my jammies on! 

Massage this all over your body and you will feel a million dollars! 


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