First Ever Lush Products!

First Ever Lush Products!

Okay, so recently I had a little visit to the Lush shop! There is not one where I live and the closest is about an hour away. On a visit to my boyfriend we went shopping, as we were walking past the lush shop the scent caught my nose and had be walking in that direction, dragging my boyfriend behind me.

I had seen on numerous blogs all the different types of face masks they do and also the hair treatment. I didn’t want to buy both; instead I wanted to try just one product to see whether my skin reacted to it. I therefore, picked up the Mask of magnaminty as I am prone to breakouts and always love trying new things which claim to help with the cause.

I tried this last night and really loved the feel of it on my skin. It has an amazing peppermint smell and as I was walking around it had a slight tingling feel as the air hit to it.

As I have only tried it once I still have yet to find out well it works. First impressions are good, time will only tell.

Then I asked the lovely sales assistant that helped me if I could get a sample of the Hair treatment called Roots. She was more than generous saying that the sample pots are way to small so put it in the same sized pot as the mask with half the amount of product! I thought it was an absolute bargain at nothing! 

I have not tried this particular product yet but will keep you posted on how it works.


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