My New Mac Products!

My New Mac Products!

Recently I visited Bristol as a birthday treat from my boyfriend. Here I ventured into Debenhams with the plan to get a few bits and bobs.As you go into the store, on your left is the beautiful Mac stand, it’s very enchanting and even has an invisible pull that lulls you towards it!

I knew I wanted to get the Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer so I picked that up straight away! It has amazing coverage and even brightens underneath the eye area.Next up was the lipstick stand, they were all utterly beautiful and so eye catching. I found it extremely difficult to pick just two when really I wanted to pick 6!The ones I picked were from the Crème Sheen range, ‘Fan Fare’ was the first I chose. It is a beautiful nude colour with Pinky undertones.

The next one I picked up was ‘Speak Louder’ which is a subtle bright pink, with blue undertones with gives the illusion of whiter teeth! 

The next time I go to Mac I definitely want to try some of their more daring colours. Such as the reds and orange tones as I think they are all beautiful. However, I just know I will need their help as I can never seem to find a red that compliments my skin tone.

Something which I love to do is to apply my Mac lipstick and then over the top apply Tanya Burr’s lip glosses. I apply ‘Speak louder and then apply the ‘Picnic in the Park’ over the top.Then with ‘Fan Fare’ I love to apply ‘Chic’ this is my current favourite lip look! 

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