Beauty Problems!

Beauty Problems
Now I don’t know about you but my biggest beauty problem is losing my favourite lipsticks! I do not know what seems to happen but somehow they just disappear!
Try as I might I cannot help misplacing them, I will use them once - put them down and when I come back later to find it and it is gone. I believe fairies are to blame. They see the pretty colours and decide to take them for themselves.
One particular lipstick I always seem to lose is Mac Fan Fair. It is my favourite lipstick of all times and it is totally wearable with any eye look and outfit. It is the classic ‘Your Lips But Better’ colour. 
The most bizarre place I found it was under my passenger seat in my car. My concealer was also on the floor, visible and made me think to look under the chair in search of my lipstick. If only it was that easy to find it now. 
Now this is the part where I would insert a picture of the lipstick - but once again I cannot find it.
Instead I will post here photos of my next favourite lipsticks which always seem to go walk abouts.

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