New Foundation - how many will it take?

New Foundation - how many will it take?
Recently, I found myself running out of my beloved Double Wear foundation by Estee Lauder. Whilst I was sad to do so I was also kind of excited as I had known that the shade I had, ‘Cool Bone’ was too dark for my very light complexion. When approaching the lady behind the counter and informing her this she proceeded to tell me it was the lightest shade bar one - which was extremely light and therefore could wash me out! Shock Horror! 
When applying the very lightest shade we realised that it did indeed make me look like some kind of Vampire out of Twilight - not a good image. What was I to do! Sort it out Estee Lauder, we need a shade in-between as I now had to look for a completely different foundation as none of your shades match my skin tone! 
But help was at hand - the lovely lady told me not to worry, that we would find a shade to match me  but in a different brand. Clinque was the place we stopped at next. Now I knew they did some lovely foundations as my mum has bought from them on more than one occasion. I was very tempted to go for the ‘Even Better’ foundation as I had tried a sample of this once before and liked it quite a lot. However, the new lady informed me that they had one with higher coverage - which appealed to me a lot. 
Now when she got this one out I was slightly apprehensive because of the name ‘Repairwear’ - it made me wonder what she thought of my skin! But she did state that it is their highest coverage foundation and even people my age opt for it. 
I have been using it for a week now and I am slightly worried it is again too dark. However, I am in love with the formula and the way it glides onto my skin. The coverage, I would say, is medium to full but it feels as though I have nothing on my skin. 
It was also slightly cheaper than the Estess Lauder Double Wear foundation retailing at £25.00 - which I thought was not bad for a high end foundation. 
I will however, keep you updated on this foundation and let you know after a couple of months what I really think of the product. 
Let me know what your favourite foundations are! 

Update: After using this foundation for over 2 weeks I have come to the conclusion that this foundation is not for me.It had very nice coverage, but it did not sit nicely on my skin. The foundation did not last more than a few hours, it slides off and became very patchy in places. Let me know though if it has worked for you! 
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