New Mac Lipstick Review

New Mac Lipstick Review
The Mac lipstick craze will never fade I fear and whilst this is the case I cannot help but be drawn to them when I come across a Mac counter! 
The pretty colours are engaging and the wonderful smell of the lipsticks intoxicating. My personal favourite type of Mac lipsticks are the Creme Sheen range as they are easy to apply and feel great! 
Personally I am not a fan of the ‘Matte’ lipsticks as I like to have a matte face. Having both is too much for me - I also feel as though my lips should feel nourished and creamy and with a Matte lipstick they do not. 
The latest colour I have picked up and not been able to stop wearing due to the perfection of the shade is ‘Speed Dial’. It is the perfect pink shade, not too light that you can look ill and not to in your face neon! It reminds me slightly of Mac’s ‘Shocking Pink’ which is quite vibrant. This is almost a few shades lighter and is a very wearable shade for the day. 

As with the rest of my Mac lipsticks it is very long lasting, resulting in me not needing to reapply for a good few hours! 

What is your favourite Mac Lipsticks?


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