August Favourites: Beauty & Randoms!

August Favourites

It’s September which means it is almost time for me to go to University. It’s exciting nerve wracking and scary all in one anxious bundle of emotions. Some days I just want to go AHHHHHHH!!!! The month of August and the Start of this month has been hellish for personal reasons. But I thought that I would let you know my August Favourites. Beauty and a few randomers. 

Let’s start with beauty…

Rimmel Stay Matte BB Cream 

I have to say, generally I am not a fan of BB Creams as they never have enough coverage and can make my face look very oily, which it is not. I have normal skin with dry patches. This BB cream does not seem to cling to the dry patches like some of my foundations can. During the summer I like to wear slightly less coverage to compensate for the full coverage I wear during the winter months. This BB Cream is perfect for this, it is not too heavy but provides the right amount of coverage. 

Hoola Bronzer

This is my holy grail bronzer, it has been a favourite of mine for a very long time and I have had it for a good couple of years now. I use it everyday and it has just hit the base. A very sad time in any girls life is when you hit pan on one of your most beloved products. I use this in the hollows of my cheek bones, temples and under my jaw line. I then like to use a more precise contour brush to define my cheeks a little bit more. 

Nyx Blushes 

I completely forgot I had this Nyx set. I got it for christmas and think it would be perfect to travel with as it has lots of eye colours, four blush shades, two highlighters and a matte bronzer. The eye shadows are not great like the Naked Palettes, but I absolutely love the blushes. They are so pigmented and very easy to blend. 

My two favourite ones are the first two. The set does not come with the name of the blushes which is quite annoying but my only complaint. 

VO5 Plump It Up Amplifying Blow Dry Lotion  

Now can I just say, I do not need any more volume for my hair. The reason I use this is because it leaves my hair so smooth and silky after blow drying. It also is an extra heat defence which I love. I definitely can see a difference in my hair since using this product, it protects it from any damage and also I have very long hair that grows very fast and I definitely feel it has been growing at an added rate since using it. 

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Perfume

This is one of the newer perfumes in the Marc Jacobs collection. My mum recently bought this for me to go to Uni with. I absolutely love the sent of this perfume, it is a sweet floral smell that is not too harsh or in your face. Perfect for going into the Autumn. I love the bottle as well as it is so delicate and dainty. 

The Simpsons: Tapped Out App

I love this app! Shamefully I can say I have been using it for a good 2-3 years now. I go through fazes where I will not play it for months and then go straight back to it. I absolutely love it. It passes time like no tomorrow and is definitely addictive! 

Mac Book Pro 

Unfortunately, last month my macbook pro broke, it was a very sad day with Apple refusing to fix it. They would have charged me an insane amount to get it fixed, therefore insurance is always best. I was able to get a new Mac Book Pro with £100 cashback! 

After losing a Mac Book Pro I realised just how rubbish it was without one. I am able to do everything I love on here. Including writing, editing videos, watching Youtube videos and browsing through the internet. It is so fast it is insane. I Love it!! 

What were your favourites this August? 


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