First Ever Birchbox #1

First Ever Birchbox #1

When my mum offered to get me a subscription to Birchbox I couldn’t be happier. Free products each month and another excuse to write a blog post? Okay!!! I am very grateful to her for all she does and also in supporting me with everything I want to do. 

When I received my first box I was overcome with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. I eagerly wanted to know what was inside and couldn’t wait to find out what. 

As I opened the box I was greeted by a welcome card, welcoming me to the wonderful community of Birchbox and explaining all it has to offer. There are other cards with promotional offers and then one card explaining all of the products. The products are held inside a beautiful pouch, something which will be prefect to hold jewellery in whenever I go travelling. 

Now onto the products inside: 

The first is a Hit Refresh 12 Bite-Sized Challenges booklet. It has cool little motivations to get active and to also start eating healthier. 

Next is a Birchbox exclusive and it’s a Pilate’s Band, this is perfect for me as I aim to go to the gym every other day and on the in-between days I like to do an ab workout. This will definitely help me to keep fit and active. In the booklet there are many exercises to do whilst I am sat at my desk studying! 

The next is the Beauty Protector, which both protects and detangles the hair. It claims to add shine and protect from both UVA rays and heat damage, perfect for my long hair! 

Next is the Embrace Matcha Green Tea, this is so perfect for me as I do not like regular tea but love green tea! It claims to be 100% natural with 10 times the antioxidants of regular green tea. 

The Cool Fix Shaveworks is something I am very keen to try out, I suffer from ingrown hairs on my legs and also small bumps when I shave. This product is supposed to help with this problem and in time prevent it from happening. 

I also receive the Activod, which is a refreshing Feel Great Shower Concentrate shower gel. Perfect for use after a workout at the gym. 

An exciting product is the Stila Lip Glaze in the colour glow. I am very excited to try this product, as I have never used anything from the brand Stila before. 

The final product is the Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask. I love facemasks and I also love Ren products, I am very excited to have the opportunity to try this facemask and see if it helps to improve the appearance of my skin. 

Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes? 


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