Glam Glow First Impression

Recently I purchased the Glam Glow Mud Masks. I was very pleased to find these in my local M&S as I had thought they were only available in the US. I have heard many good things about the masks and when I had the opportunity to try it I jumped at the chance. 

The set comes with both the original mask and the exfoliating mask. I have yet to try the exfoliating one but am eager to do so. The original one comes in the white pot and is slightly larger, stating that there is up to 17 uses and I am anxious to see if this is actually the case. 

On first application it applies thick and gradually starts to dry. Soon enough the mask completely sets and it becomes very hard to move my mouth.  After waiting 15 minutes I remove it with warm water and a cloth. 

The results are amazing, I can already see that my pours have visibly reduced and my skin is so soft to touch. I love the way my skin looks without make up! It’s amazing really as normally I hate it! I love the way it looks so healthy and fresh. Definitely a good first impression! 

After Application 

Have you tried this product before, what did you think about it? 


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