The Revolution Blush Palette

The Revolution Blush Palette

I was never really a fan of blushes until very recently,I realised they helped to add dimension to the face whilst at the same time creating a subtle but beautiful loo. I do, however, find it slightly ironic that we cover up our own natural pinkness to then reapply some more on top. The revolution brand is something I have only recently taken an interest in. I love their eye primer and for a pound it is definitely worth the money. 

This blush palette cost only £6.00, a bargain if you ask me.It comes with 8 different colours and the two on the ends I care very little for as they are supposed to be a highlighting shade although they look beautiful they are not for me. The other six shades in the palette however, make up for the end two. They are super pigmented and you only need a light dusting of colour otherwise they would be way too intense. If the palette was the first six then it would be perfect! 

What is your favourite blush?


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