Topshop Haul

Topshop Haul

Last week I decided to go into to town for a little cup of tea and a look around some of the shops for an hour or two to get out of the flat! Being on campus is lovely but sometimes we just have to get out! 

After a wonderful spot of lunch (green tea and a toasted teacake) we went into only a few shops. Topshop is slowly becoming my weakness. The first and main item I picked up was this beautiful black dress for only £15.00 down from £46.00! The detailing is very chic and makes it better than just a plain black dress. I though I could pair it with a statement necklace or scarf and add a brown small belt around the waist. 

The next thing I got was this beanie hat. I do not normally wear hats but this was a steal at only £3.00. The colour if very beautiful as it is not quite brown and not quite mustard. It is an in-between colour and goes very well with my dark hair colour. Next, being a beauty blog, it wasn’t right that I walked past the make up stands. There was a small part where the make up was on sale I opted to get a lip paint in the colour Reminisce. It’s a very pretty coral colour and I think will look lovely over some of my MAC pink lipsticks. 

The final thing I bought was a pair of sunglasses, they are a pair of red round tortoise shell glasses, that I picked up for only £1.00! When I went to the till the lady told me the sunglasses come with a free case and cloth! Bargain! So all three items cost £1.00. However, I also receive student discount, so everything I purchased came to £19.80! 


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