Beauty Protector ‘Protect & Detangle’ Review

Protecting your hair when applying heat is very important, otherwise it could leave the hair looking dull and lifeless. I received a sample of the ‘Beauty Protector ‘Protect & Detangle’ in my first Birchbox and have been using it every time I wash my hair. I had never heard of this product before receiving it but I was eager to try it as the scent is amazing. I apply a generous amount to the ends of my towel-dried hair and comb through with a paddle brush, I then dry as normal with my hair dryer. 

I have seen a difference since using this product as the ends of my hair do not seem wispy or out of control. They look nourished and of a good colour, I will definitely be purchasing this product in full size once it has finished. I have received some very nice products in my first Birchbox and cannot wait to open my next one. 


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