New Custom Domain

Hi All! 

I wanted to update you on this exciting development I have made for my blog as I recently changed the URL to a custom domain. Changing it from to, this change is the first of many for my blog as it will be evolving over then next coming weeks. Moving on to this custom url has been an exciting leap forward for me, my blog is an aid in helping me to write constantly. It keeps my thoughts flowing and my brain active, providing the writing material I need. 

However, with this change there comes a few disappointments, unfortunately I have lost all of my comments and +1’s I received in the two years of having my blog. Hopefully this will not cause too much of a negative impact but it did cause me to deflate slightly after having such a high of buying a new domain. If you would like to comment on my posts then please feel free to do so! 

I have many plans for the future of my blog, starting with uploading a post every weekday. I will be testing this idea for a week to see if it is beneficial, I also played with the idea of uploading every other day and may opt for this idea if I decide every weekday does not work. Please let me know what you thoughts on this are and which one will work?

The look of my blog will be completely changed very shortly and you will be able to see my blog have a different face. I’m hoping the look will be chic and classic, nothing too in your face. Instead I am looking at creating a very simple but also very beautiful blog. 

I hope you will all like the changes being made on my blog. 


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