The Amazing World of Vintage Fashion

Vintage fashion is something that fascinates me to no end. I am amazed at the difference in fashion over time and also how things from the past have slowly worked their way back into our wardrobes. Fashion is one of the leading industries in the world and over the years we are seeing more and more young people wanting to venture into this crazy world. On the catwalks there are daring and outrageous looks, to chic and sophisticated ones that are completely timeless. But constantly past styles are being recreated and redesigned.

One of my favourite things about vintage fashion are 50’s dresses, the style and shape completely suites my body – complimenting my curves and my small height. Generally the dresses will stop just below or just under the knee, which is the perfect length for my small legs, as anything mid-length completely swamps my body making me look ridiculous.

On a recent trip to the beach we took a detour to Molly’s Den in Bridport; under one roof there are hundreds of suppliers selling antique and vintage belongings. From furniture to vintage fashion the supply is limitless and never ending. Walking inside it appears as if you have stepped into Aladdin’s Cave. It’s amazing and for an instant you don’t know where to start, however, once you get looking you soon find time starts to fly by, as all the amazing objects take you into the wonderful world of the past.

As I said, I love anything Vintage so I’m constantly rummaging through the fashion rails looking for a bargain. I love the smell of the vintage leather jackets – that always seem to be out of my price range and the wonderful leather doctor’s cases that would look perfect walking down to my lectures. However, I have to remember I’m only a Uni student and I can’t afford all these wonderful things. But that does not stop me looking!

Finally after a while I found this wonderful Vintage 50’s dress. Amazingly it fits be like a glove, as if it has been designed for me alone. The quality of the dress is outstanding and a lot of care has been taken when making it. The Baroque pattern compliments the style of this dress completely, the navy standing out against the cream background and the inside lining has been darted to create an ascetically pleasing look. The price tag stated £12.00 not a bad price at all but I knew I could haggle them down and the lovely lady at the counter took the price of the dress down to £9.80!

When styling the dress I love to add a pair of dark Tights from Primark, Heeled Ankle Boots from F&F and my amazing Black Coat from F&F (stay tuned for a blog post on this coat).

Do you love vintage fashion? If so what has been your best buy so far?


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