The Versatile Blogger Award

This is my second award/nomination post, and I cannot thank Grace enough for nominating me. 

The Rules
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7 Facts About Me 

•I recently saw Wicked and since this amazing opportunity I cannot seem to stop jumping around my room to the soundtrack and belting Defying Gravity at the top of my lungs capacity! 
•I’m in my First Year of University at Bath Spa, studying Creative Writing and Publishing and I absolutely love it! 
•I love the use of an exclamation mark and probably use way too many than I should, I seriously have to hold myself back when I am writing a blog post! <- woops, three already. 
•It’s currently raining cats and dogs. The wonderful sound of the pitter-patter takes me back to when I was young and we used to have a caravan at Lyme Regis. We would go almost every weekend and due to British weather it would rain the majority of the time. The sound of the rain again the window here reminds me of the caravan and all the wonderful times we had there. 
•I hate tea and coffee! It is just not for me, but I do love a good cup of green tea or a mug of hot milks. 
•I love crisps! They’re most definitely my favourite food to snack on; I wish crisps could be healthy and good for you because then I would probably never eat anything else ever again. 
•I love Paris; my room is completely themed for the Eiffel Tower both at Uni and also at home. I have been 4 times and truly hope to go back again some day. 

Now for my nominees 
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