Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Review

Sticking to the theme of travel sized products I purchased the Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer a couple of weeks ago, and have been putting it to the test. One thing I will say straight away is I cannot believe how long it has lasted for. It is only small so I didn’t think I would be able to get many uses from it but I have been pleasantly surprised as it is still going today. 

I apply it once I have moisturised and then add my eye shadow whilst it’s still tacky. It produces a seamless base for my eye shadow and the colours seem to be very vibrant when using it. I would say however, that a little goes a long way as too much and the product doesn’t seem to spread over the eyelid and instead can start to clump – not something you want in an eye primer. 

Throughout the day my eye shadow stays put and does not slide off my face – brilliant added benefit I must say. The colours stay vibrant and last all day. 


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