A 50’s Dress to Impress

Trying to decide what to wear for my nieces christening was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I literally had no idea where to start or what I wanted to wear. After looking in almost every shop I decided the style I wanted was a lovely 50’s dress, that looked formal but nothing too over the top. I love the 50’s dresses that stop just below the knee, have an insane amount of petticoats and have the most flattering neckline. 

Amazingly I managed to find many dress like this on asos.com, the brand Chi Chi had everything and more. However, some of the dresses were completely out of my price range. When I started to look at the site none of the dresses I liked were in the sale, but after looking for a couple of days I found the perfect dress. It was in the sale department and was supporting an extra 10% off!! This made me jump for joy(well as much as you can whilst reclining on a bed) and I quickly went about ordering it. 

The dress is an amazing blue and black design that stops just below the knee, the sweetheart neckline compliments it perfectly and I am absolutely in love. Becoming a godmother was an amazing experience for me as I am now not only her Aunite Shanny. I love that I can now say I am both and I am so blessed to have been given this opportunity. 

The amount of compliments I received for my dress was incredible and so many people were shocked when I said it was from asos! I will definitely heading online for some more bargains in the future!


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