A Black and White Themed Primark Haul

Everyone loves a good Primark haul and for me they are my favourite blog posts to read and also my favourite youtube videos to watch. I recently became inspired by some of the items from Zoella’s Primark haul and therefore wanted to find some of my own pieces. I don’t shop in Primark as much as I used to due to my Uni budget (and also because I prefer make up over clothes) but I thought I would allow myself a few little treats. 

The first thing I picked up was a regular t-shirt; I wanted something simple and plain to match with a pair of high waisted jeans. The colour is a beautiful light pink with coral writing. It is French theme so completely fits with my personality and cost only £4.00. On this trip I also purchased a pair of light blue dolly shoes and for only £4.00 they are extremely comfortable. I also thought they would be an excellent way to add a pop of colour to my wardrobe as the majority of it’s very dark. I also purchased a set of three necklaces, each is very dainty and I love the look of these with almost any outfit and only cost me £3.00. 

The next item of clothing I purchased was an off the shoulder top, it has black and white strips and it perfect with a pair of high waisted shorts and also jeans. I also purchased a blue and white-stripped jumper; it has a chiffon back that adds another dimension to the jumper and cute detailing on the sleeves, and cost only £5.00.

My favourite item I purchased was a monochrome dress. I love this dress as it has chiffon sleeves and two different black and white patterns. It comes with a small black belt that brings the dress in at the waist. The dress is also extremely lightweight and comfortable. I like to match it with a pair of black ankle boots and it brings the look together. It’s also the most expensive item I bought at £13.00, but still an absolute bargain!

The theme of the majority of my items seem to have been black and white, it was not something that I intended to do but I have to say I love how it happened. The final item was in the sale and it’s this beautiful cardigan that has black and white thread inter-woven. It was on sale for only £5.00 and I think it will be brilliant in the spring as it’s a very lightweight material. 


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