A Once in a Lifetime Experience

Last Friday posed the day for the Eclipse, the moment when the moon would be perfectly aliened in front of the Sun and I was one of the many people excited to see it. I made sure to set my alarm 10 minutes before the event was supposed to happen to ensure I would be in the perfect place to see it. At 9:20am my alarm went off and I opened my blinds, being on the top floor in my Uni housing I was very lucky to be able to sit at my desk and watch as the events unfolded. 

The next eclipse would not be until 2090 and the idea that I may never see one again was what urged me out of my bed. I had my camera, phone and sunglasses at the ready! When I got to the window it was happening earlier than anticipated for Bath. It was still quite an amazing sight though and I was fortunate enough to see it, as only and hour and a half away my parents were unable to see this wonderful thing due to the horrendous cloud coverage. In bath, although it was slightly cloudy, the eclipse still managed to peek through the clouds and more importantly they were pictured by my camera and phone meaning I could send the photos to my parents. 

By 9:30 it was covered, although not completely because the event not being a total eclipse. This also meant it did not go dark, but it was still a wonderful sight. This may seem as a cliché post but I wanted to share and remember an experience I might not get again! 

Did you see the event?


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