Lip Liner Saviour!

My favourite lip routine has changed since I have found the L’Oreal Lip liner Couture in the colour Bois de Rose, the colour is very beautiful; reminding me of the Kylie Jenner look, it has rose undertones and is perfect for everyday use. I use the liner to fill in all of my lips, this way the colour last for hours without smudging and when lipstick fades the liner is still there. 

The liner is extremely creamy and glides effortlessly onto the lips, it does not feel like it is causing my lips to drag or crack. It also keeps my lips moisturised throughout the day as I have the tendency to get extremely dry lips causing lipstick to set into the cracks. I have yet to try any other colour in the range but I would love to see how they live up to this colour! 

What is your favourite lip liner? 


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