Make Up Brush Collection: Face

I love make up brushes. There is no need for me to deny it and because of this I thought a brush collection would be the perfect blog post. I am going to split this post into two and separate the face brushes from the eye brushes. 

The difference in applying your make up with a brush than with your hands is drastic. You can create different looks with different brushes, some can give you a fuller coverage look and others can create a more natural look. The majority of my brushes are Real Techniques, with a few MAC brushes here and there. 

Real Techniques brushes are so affordable and also of good quality. I feel that if I want to buy a make up brush I will automatically navigate to this brand to find the perfect one I need. MAC is also slowly becoming another favourite of mine, however, they’re a lot more expensive but the quality is impeccable. 

All of my face brushes apart from one are Real Techniques. 

I have four brushes that I specifically love to use for foundation; these are the Expert Face Brush, the Buffing Brush and finally the Cheek `brush. All create a full coverage look but my favourite at the moment is the ‘Cheek Brush’ although it suggests using it for blusher or bronzer, I prefer to use it for my foundation. The other two brushes are extremely dense, and although I like them sometimes I think they do not give as good of effect as the Cheek Brush. It moves easier and glides across my face for a flawless look. The final brush I like to use for foundation is my MAC 187SE brush, I use this with my MAC Studio Fix Foundation as I feel it gives the best result. 

Next are two powder brushes, the ‘Powder Brush; and then also the ‘Duo-Fibre Brush’. The Duo-Fibre brush creates a natural look for a causal look. The ‘Powder Brush’ is something I use everyday and I love the effect it creates, I will use this brush with my MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation and it creates the most flawless look. 

Next onto blusher and bronzer, there are two sets of brushes I like to use and some create a more defined look. I have two of the ‘Blush Brushes’ that I use for both blush and bronzer; they create a lovely look due to the shape and texture. Then the next two brushes are from the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection and they are the 301 which is a contour brush and then the 300 which is a blush brush. I like to use the 300 with highlighters under my eyes and along the tops of my check bones and then the contour brush is one of my new favourites it create definition on the face and is just an all round lovely brush. 

Stay Tuned for my eye brushes very soon! 

What is your favourite brush? 


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