Not Your Best Real Techniques

The prospect of the new Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes had the entire beauty blogging world in a spin, and at the new expensive prices should have made the quality impeccable. I have three of the brushes, the contour brush being my favourite by far. One brush I bought was the 201 brush, which is a short blending brush. I was extremely excited to receive it as I don’t have one like this in my collection. It’s small enough to create a harsh crease in the contour of the eye and is perfect with a black colour to create definition.

Whilst the idea of this brush is brilliant I am not impressed with it. The brush is extremely rough and hurts as I apply it to my eyelids. For brushes that were supposed to be luxurious I am really disappointed, the tip is very sharp and the bristles are not as soft as I expected. The shape and look, however, is beautiful, very eye-catching and very difficult to turn away from. But I would suggest to anyone to invest in the MAC 217 brush instead; it’s only slightly more expensive and definitely worth it.

Thought I love my contour and blush brush, this is wish I hadn’t purchased. But have you purchased? If so what do you think?


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