Secret Beauty Product

Sudocream has been a regular product in my make up bag for many months now; this is because of its multiple uses. Most people believe it is just for nappy rash but it can be used for many different things as well. One of my favourite ways to use Sudocream is as an over night regenerative mask, it both moisturises and nourishes my skin throughout the night, leaving it fresh in the morning. I can go through stages where my skin can appear extremely dry in places and to prevent this from happening I apply a generous amount to my face. If however, I have one particular dry patch I will apply a small amount of Sudocream to the area and it will soon disappear. 

Another good use for sudocream is to mix it with your current foundation and this creates a tinted moisturiser. It is brilliant for the warmer weather and for the days when you do not want to wear a lot of make up. It creates the perfect base, nothing to heavy or cakey. 

Do you use Sudocream? Is so how and why? 


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