She’s a Stainiac Maniac on the floor…

In my February Birchbox I received a small sample of Stainiac by theBalm. I was pleasantly surprised to find this inside my box, as they majority of the products were either skincare or haircare. The Stainiac is very similar to Benefit’s ‘Benetint’ as it's a pop of colour for either the lips or cheeks. I have yet to try it on my cheeks, but I thought I would give my opinion on what happens when it is on the lips. 

At first application there doesn’t seem to be much colour pay off. The lips look a touch deeper in colour but there isn’t a lot of a difference. What I realised is the colour needed to be built up, layer by layer. After a few coats the lips have a beautiful red tint. With it being a tint you don't expect much colour, but I was surprised on how little you actually got. It felt like I was constantly dragging my lips backwards and forwards due to the amount of layers I applied. 

At the start the stain feels nice as it has not dried or sunk into my lips. However, after a few minutes my lips started to feel very dry and I had to apply some lip balm over the top to prevent them from what felt like cracking. I had high hopes as I love the ‘Benetint’ but unfortunately this specific product didn't live up to them. 

Have you tried this product before? Is it any better for your cheeks? 


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