The Wonderful World of February Favourites

My favourites for February are very exciting! So many new products and many amazing things to chose from. February has been an exciting month for me, with my nieces christening and becoming a godmother, and my blog changing in style and domain I feel I have achieved many wonderful things that I hope to be able to take forward into March. 

Starting with Make up, my first favourite is my Nars Sheer Glow Foundation; I have been using this foundation for over a month and absolutely love it. It feels very light on my skin and matches my skin tone perfectly. It also lasts throughout the day without the need for a touch up.  

My next favourite is a lipstick I have been wearing everyday and I just cannot seem to get enough of, MAC’s Viva Glam II. It’s a very lovely natural nude with a slight brown tint. Making it perfect for the day, and I have to say I feel very chic when I wear it. 

I also have been loving my new MAC 217 Brush for blending colour into the crease of my eyes. It is so gentle and perfect for creating dimension to the eye and also very easy to clean. 

My MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation has been a regular in my favourite posts, but I just wanted to reiterate how much I actually love it! It has the perfect amount of coverage and can be used on it’s own or for setting foundation. 
I recently got the Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil Shampoo & Conditioner in the little travel sized edition. I have been using it recently and absolutely loved it; it leaves my hair looking shiny and fresh. 

My Ren Cleansing Gel is so gentle and cleans my face to the point of no return. It seems to get rid of even the smallest amount of make up left in the little cracks in my face. I have never found a face wash to be so thorough. 

I have had GHD Straighteners for years and they last for an extremely long time. I only use my GHD’s to curl my hair and have been doing so for years. It is the only way I can do it and the curls last for days. My black GHD’s are the original ones and I have had them for about half a year, before this I had the limited edition white ones which latest forever!!! 

The final piece to my February favourites is my wonderful Coat from F&F at Tesco’s, unfortunately I had to take a coat back because the zip broke and therefore I decided to change it for this one. As it was after the sales my coat was only worth £12 (at least I could get something for it), but lucky enough the coat I wanted was in the sale for £15 meaning I only had to add £3.00! Bargain! 

What were your favourites for January? 


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