What I Would Wear To Cheltenham's Ladies Day!

Cheltenham’s Ladies Day is fast approaching with the prospect of fancy clothing and elaborate hats. I have always been fascinated with the idea of this event, so many wonderful people attend and their outfits are always spectacular. Ladies from across the country gather for this one day and in my mind become shining stars. It's on this one day that wearing your best dress is not only socially acceptable but also a requirement!

Being at University I am sure I will not be able to attend this years races, but I wanted to show you all what I would wear if I had the opportunity to go. For me 50’s style dresses shows every single part of my body to it’s best. They highlight the best of British fashion through the wonderful neckline and the timeless style of the skirt. It's fullness doesn't swap me and stopping just below the knee keeps the timeless and beautiful look.

I was able to pick this dress up for a bargain price from asos.com. The brand Chi Chi have some amazing dresses that would be perfect for this event, if you are looking for something for the day I would seriously recommend you head over there as you will be surprised at not only some of the price but also by the quality of the dresses.

My dress is a fantastic blue and black colour that matches both my dark hair and dark eyes. I would add a pair of beige peep toe shoes that give me height, creating the illusion that my legs are longer than they actually are. I also have a matching clutch handbag that I would add to finish the look. With my hair and make up, I would create a simple braid with a beautiful floral clip added to it. I then would add a smokey eye and red lips to bring the entire look together.

What would you wear to the races? Let me know on twitter with the #colourmemarch!!


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