Becoming Bilbo Baggins For The Day

 The grounds of my university are beyond stunning and there is nothing better to do than walk around the lake and explore the trails that lead off of it. Myself and my friend Leanne decided that we would make the most of this amazing weather and head around the lake, during which we might have slightly gotten lost in the process.

Feeling much like Bilbo Baggins this adventure has to be one of the most enjoyable and funniest things I have ever experienced. The grounds are beautiful and have so much wildlife and beautiful plants to take pictures off. Therefore I wanted to show you these amazing sites and some of the places we visited and got lost in. Now I will admit this included climbing under barbed wire, climbing fences and also wading through a river – note to self next time wear converses as stinging nettles really hurt!!

 The Walk Begins...

 Such beautiful surroundings...
Stunning Views.
 The first trail 
 We are so excited for this adventure! 
 We encounter some wonderful flowers
 And some brilliant livestock 
 Run up a hill and get stuck...
 Try and escape down it. 
 Jump over a running river!
 Follow some ducks... they will show us the way
 Pause for a selfie...
 The ducks led us to a river! Now we must jump it!
And we are safe! Hurrah! 

Have you been enjoying this weather? 


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