Ultra Repair Cream Review

I recently purchased the First Aid Beauty - Ultra Repair Cream. I needed a new day cream which would be nourishing and help with the dry patches that I had on my forehead and also around my chin. I had heard a lot of great things about this brand and their skincare and when investigating the sites that sold them I realised Beautybay.com had a 10% discount code! I instantly snapped this up and I have been using this cream for about a week now and I have greatly seen an improvement. 

The dry patches on my face have disappeared and the application of makeup is so much smoother. I realised that the dry patches had started to cause my make up to become patchy and my make up to set into the fine lines around my forehead. The cream is super hydrating and very thick meaning that it nourishes my face leaving it feeling super fresh and awake. 

It also has a strong, but lovely, smell that is almost minty, the smell is very pleasant and I feel it helps to sooth the face. Personally I also feel it helps to dull any redness on my face making the colour of my face appear even.  


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