Where Have I Been?

If you regularly follow my blog you would have noticed I have been absent for a number of weeks. Unfortunately, on the 2nd of May my Dad passed away after his long and difficult battle with cancer. As I am sure you will all understand I decided to take time away from blogging and also university to focus on my family and myself. The events that unfolded were extremely quick, shocking and devastating. I can only say that I am very pleased to have been home when I was. 

They say that only special people are allowed into this club and my dad was definitely one of them. From the moment he was diagnosed to the day he left us he never complained and something was only a problem when there was actually a problem. His laid back attitude to life and his fantastic wit was what got us through the year. Unfortunately the world has lost an amazing man. Cancer is an illness no one can predict, my dad was the healthiest, loveliest, most amazing man you would ever meet and we would never have thought, a few years ago from now, that it would have chosen him. 

I wish everyday that he could still be here, but to know that he is no longer in pain comforts me. He is my brightest star looking down on me and I know that he will always look out and watch over me, just as he did when he was alive. 


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