Duty Free Make Up Haul

A few weeks ago I went on Holiday to Spain with my two best friends. It was an amazing time - full of sunshine and relaxation. However I did manage to find some time for shopping!And especially make up shopping! I bought some things from duty free and then also found brands in Spain that are not easily accessible in the UK. I’m going to split this blog post into two, the first being ‘Duty Free’ and the next being ‘Make Up from Spain’.

I love airports, I know a lot of people that get fed up with waiting around for their flights but not me. I like to get their early so I have enough time to look around duty free before relaxing before my flight. I love journeys to places, it's one of the things I look forward to the most. Sad, but true. 

With airports come ‘Duty Free’ a wonderful thing full of make up, perfume, sunglasses, handbags, the list is endless. I knew the make up that I wanted to get in the airport and saved up for it as I knew I wouldn't be able to get it for this price elsewhere. 

The first stop was to get my mum a bottle of her favourite Perfume, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. It’s a lovely perfume that only needs a few sprits as it could become over powering. The good thing about the strong scent is that not much is needed and therefore the bottle lasts an extremely long time! 

Next I moved onto Estee Lauder, I wanted to see if the lady could match me to the Double Wear as a lot of the sales assistance have been rude and not helpful at all. However, she was very kind but I just do not match to any of the colours. She went on to explain how Double Wear Light has the same amount of coverage but it is just not as heavy on the skin. I agreed to give it ago and the colour 1.0 matched me perfectly. I have to say after using this for a few weeks that it is amazing! It lasts all day, doesn’t look cakey and feels like I have nothing on my skin. 

Next up was Benefit, I bought two items from here. I firstly bought the Roller Lash Mascara as I had a few samples and loved it! I then went on to get a blush I have been lusting after for a very long time, Dandelion is a nicely subtle colour but perfect for any skintone. It also has an amazing scent! 

Finally, from Malaga’s airport I picked up another of my MAC Studio Fix Powders as I am slowly starting to run out. MAC is never on offer so it was the perfect opportunity to pick it up! 

Do you love or hate airports? 


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