Suckered in to the Dandelion Blush!

A trip through Duty Free saw me pick up a few new products and promptly place them in my basket, with new products comes new reviews! I couldn’t resist popping to the benefit counter and getting some of their gorgeous pieces. I have previously talked about the Roller Lash mascara that I picked up, but today I wanted to delve into the world that is blushes. 

I went through a stage where I never used to wear blushes, like with eyebrows I didn’t understand why we fought to take redness away from our faces only to then put it back on. But after stumbling across brushes that I love I knew I would be suckered in to buying some from Benefit. 

I picked up Dandelion; I have wanted to try this blush for YONKS! I’ve seen it in stores and the amount of times I have picked it up, put it down, picked it up, put it down is ridiculous. So I knew I just had to get it. 

It is a very subtle colour, nothing too overpowering but balances against my Hoola Bronzer perfectly. The smell is beautiful, very floral as expected, but nothing too overpowering. The colour is definitely buildable so don’t think about applying too much! Subtle blushes are definitely my favourite and the packaging helps to keep it in my top 5! The blush also acts as almost a highlighter, it is not too shimmery but I feel there is pigmentation in it to highlight my skin. 

I am so pleased that I picked this blush up from Duty free. I don’t think I would have purchased it anywhere else due to me chickening out every other time! 

What is your favourite blush?


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