Topshop Haul

As summer has slowly started to emerge and our wardrobes have began to change the highstreet stores have opened their doors to the summer sales! My favourite store to visit during this event is Topshop! The variety of items on offer during this time is amazing and if you’re lucky, you can get some amazing buys. 

I was very lucky! 

The main reason I ventured inside Topshop was due to the endless amount of jeans lining the sale rails. I love Topshop jeans and being given the opportunity to get them at a discounted price was something I was definitely up for! Topshop jeans are perfect for the Autumn and winter (or all year round depending on where you live) as they are super comfortable. They can be dressed casual for everyday or dressed up for an evening look. 

The first pair I picked were the black low rise jeans, that have two zips detailing each hip. The shape of the jeans make them very flattering and pairing them with heals allows the jeans to be worn on a night out. 

The next pair are the Leigh jeans, super soft, high waisted and charcoal in colour; I wanted a pair of jeans that were not completely black like the first pair but would go with almost any top so this was the perfect balance. The final pair I found were the Baxter jeans, they are a similar colour and shape but are of a thicker material, which I think will be perfect when we move into the winter. Stocking up on these jeans meant that in the long run I was able to save a lot of money! 

The next few items I purchased we a few tops to go alongside the jeans. I love lace and it is unsurprising that this material is featured heavily in my summer wardrobe. Therefore when I found this lace crop top I could not leave it. The straps cross at the back and it falls in a circle around my body leaving it swaying when I walk. 

Another top I purchased is pink in colour and has scalloped edges, it goes perfectly with all the jeans I purchased and also matches some of the loose fitting trousers I bought from New Look.  The final top I bought was this silver/lilac silk top, it has an interesting split design at the back and is slightly structured. It is very flattering and pretty. 

I bought one dress during the sale, which was an accomplishment as I could have purchased so many more! It is white, high-necked witch mesh sections around the midriff, bottom and shoulders. I love finding new dresses for nights out, specifically when they are so cheap! 

The final item of clothing I got is my favourite purchase! It’s a white faux leather jacket; the colour is slightly off making it look vintage. It’s very comfortable and perfect for when it starts to cool down. It matches all of the jeans and tops I purchased perfectly. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, let me know what your favourite item was. 


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