August Birchbox 2015

Another late Birchbox, which I am very sorry for! I have been slacking terribly when it comes to keeping up to date on blog posts and half of the time they are late, which again I apologise for! The august Birchbox featured heavily around emojis and is named the #beautyjunkie box. I will say straight off this is not the best box I have received and I was very disappointed in the make up items.

The first thing I noticed are the #beautyjunkie emoji stickers. Whilst cute I do not know what exactly I would use them for and feel that they would get stashed away in my drawer and never be seen again. 

The first bodycare product I received is the Ayurveda Scrub, it is an Indian Rose & Muitani Clay body scrub which I am looking forward to using. The next is the Huygens facial scrub, which I am happy to receive, as I have needed a facial scrub recently due to dry skin.  

Something that I have used, but unfortunately left at home so do not have photograph to show, is the Keblo clarifying shampoo. To be used once or twice a month, it was quite difficult to soap up and therefore I had to use double the amount. But it is supposed to be a gentle blend of ingredients to detox your hair and scalp. 

The final thing for skincare is the Overnight Success, which is overnight spot minimising patches, with tea tree and grape seed. I haven’t yet used it but I am currently having a bad skin week so these may be put to the test this week. 

The final two products are a blush and a bronzer. These two products I’m highly disappointed in, the sample sizes are extremely small and I do not understand how I could possibly use the bronzer from The Balm to its full potential. The blush is from Lord & Berry and doesn’t come in a proper box and instead is just a pan. The blush is slightly better in size but again is very small. 

Overall I have mixed feelings about this box, for a beauty box I am highly disappointed in the sizes of the make up pieces. I realise they are samples but they are very tiny ones! 

What were your thoughts on Augusts Birchbox? 


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