Hourglass – The Ambient Lighting Edit - First Impressions

When my mum came towards me holding a beautiful white gift bag with the name Space N.K written on the front I couldn't stop the ridiculous pounding in my chest. I wondered what it could be, if it was for me and how ridiculously lucky I am to have such a wonderful mum. 

I gently tugged at the beautiful bow holding the box together and I couldn't help but let a ridiculous squeal escape through my lips. The beautiful gold packaging and the name Hourglass instantly shocked and delighted me and the name Ambient Lighting Edit instantly had me intrigued my mum informed me that it had only just come out that day. Woah. 

The packaging is incredible beautifully, gold and sleek I am in love. The back shows the name of each powder and I cannot get over its simpleness that shows how deluxe it is. 

On opening I try to remember how to breathe. I have been wanting to try the highlighting powders from Hourglass for a very long time and now all of my dreams have come at once in the form of six beautiful shades, beautifully pigmented and so silky smooth to touch. I cannot get over how excited I am to try it. 

The top three colours are the highlighting powders and the bottom three are two blush colours and a bronzer, each equally as beautiful. I do not believe I will be able to find a favourite, as I am unsure it will be possible with this palette. 

I cannot wait to give you a full review on the product once I have tried it properly! 


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