The London Birthday Aventure

As a part of my 21st birthday present my mum took me on a day trip to London. I had the most amazing time, travelling first class on the train all the way to Waterloo. Walking over the Waterloo bridge until we arrived in Covent Garden and make up shopping in the beauty quarter! What bliss that was, there will be an alternative blog post with everything I got from Covent Garden. 

Covent Garden was absolutely beautiful with live music, magic shows and so much more. The different range of shops was so exciting and if we had the time I would have so enjoyed wondering around there for there for the whole day. 

The second part of our London adventure saw us popping up the road to the Lyceum Theatre to watch The Lion King. Oh what a show! So spectacularly beautiful it had me in a trance from the get go. The beautiful music combined with the colourful costumes, the wonderful acting and singing made for an amazing show!

I will be doing a small montage vlog of my time in London so stay tuned for that! 

Have you ever been to Covent Gardens? If so what is your favourite store?

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