The Chanel Red Lipstick Review

I have always been a fan of red lipsticks but I have always been slightly afraid to wear them on a daily basis. I tend to only wear red lipstick on a night out as and the red is always a dark red, vamp look. 

Therefore, when I went shopping in Covent Garden I wanted to find a red lipstick that was wearable during the day, but I also wanted to make sure that it was not matte as I always wear matte lipsticks. 
The one I opted for was the Coco Rogue lipstick in the colour Gabrielle. This is a beautiful pillar box red but has a slight shimmer to it, making it wearable during the day and also beautiful and girly. I am a girly girl and to me a bit of shimmer never hurt anyone. 

I know what you are thinking, does your hair not stick to your lips? Does it not feel like a lipgloss? And the answer to these questions is no. I don’t find my hair sticks to the product and it is not so creamy that is acts like a gloss. And whilst it is not matte it is also not super shiny making it a beautiful lipstick. 

The tip of the lipstick is nicely thin and rounded making the application super easy to apply. I love the packaging, as always, Chanel packaging is super sleek and modern yet at the same time it is very timeless and classic. The Coco Rogue collection is super beautiful and I will have to test some more out soon! 

What is your favourite red lipstick? 

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