The London/ Coldplay Adventure – Part 1

I could open the post with a cheesy line from one of the Coldplay songs and carry on like that. I want to, but I won't. Watching Coldplay on at the Wembley arena felt like paradise (see what I did there.) Sorry! I had to. 

This weekend myself, along with the boyfriend and our friends, ventured down to London. We explored, wondered and listened to great music. London as a whole is a wonderful place, somewhere you can get lost exploring all while spending way too much money.  

Unfortunately, due to limited time we were unable to do everything that we had planned to. And, due to my Gluten Intolerance, meant I was pretty limited on food choice when it came to our speedy trip. 

I want to start with my only disappointment of the trip and get this over a done with in time to move onto the good stuff! Upon arriving to Paddington and dropping our bags off at the lovely Novotel Hotel, we ventured out to find some breakfast. The first place we found was Garfunkel’s, brimming with people and so we believed the best choice for a quick meal before out adventures started. Unfortunately, when asking about Gluten Free, they were less than helpful directing me to a website in order to find what I could eat. This was extremely limited and didn't actually show everything I could have, upon asking the waitress if they had any gluten free bread I was swiftly answered with a no. I settled upon an omelette, which I will admit was lovely, light and tasty. But the lack of helpfulness will prevent me from going there again. 

Onto the adventurey bit! On the first day, after the stressful breakfast, we made our way to Big Ben and Southbank. For a Saturday we were extremely amazed to see that there was hardly anybody around. Whilst it was the morning it was also a weekend, I loved Southbank, it was very arty place. With wonderful food – which I will explain more later. We even managed to see a part where Sherlock was filmed (extremely big Sherlock Fan here). 

After Southbank we moved onto Oxford Circus to find Selfridges, I'd never been there before so I was excited to see what it was like. The only thought I had in my mind was Mr Selfridge, clearly different now to then but I was excited nonetheless. Upon walking into Selfridges I was greeted by lots of different ‘stores’. I loved the fact there was so many different brands with a varying prices. We carried on wondering around, found a ridiculously expensive speaker for over £300,000!! Then we found the affordable make up department – my heaven. Stay tuned for my haul of the weekend. After this we made our way back to Paddington and found a little pub to have a drink before going back to the hotel to get ready for the evening. I will be sharing with you my OOTD (or night) for Coldplay and that will be in a separate blog post. After getting ready we ventured to Wembley, the tube was packed and walking up to the stadium was an amazing sight. People after people, selling T-Shirts, tickets, asking for tickets from the crowd, selling food. People standing on their apartment balconies watching – it just felt like a buzz. Walking into the stadium I was amazed at the vast variety of food and drink. 

Then the concert itself, the different stages allowed us to stand smack bam in the middle. Allowing a great view of the main stage and also the b-stage. 

Coldplay. Wow, this was unlike anything I had ever seen before. I'd never actually seen a concert like this before, I had seen Muse in Dublin – but we sat down so it was a very different experience. I videoed quite a bit so I had put a montagey video together – be warned it is very jumpy, and I have mainly done this for my own memories. 

Afterwards we just went back for a little drink before heading to bed! Be sure to stay tuned for part 2! 

What is your favourite city? I'd love to know in the comments below!

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